Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Products at The Rex Center

We have a very small retail area, but are featuring some new products and thinking about more.

  • Planet Dog Toys:

  • Thundershirt TM is a proven solution for many types of dog anxiety...thunderstorms, fireworks, separation, travel, crate, and more...Whatever the anxiety, Thundershirt's gentle, constant pressure can help calm and focus a dog. No drugs, Easy to Use, Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Nina Ottosson puzzle toys -- Let your dog search for treats by lifting blocks, pushing blocks, moving discs, pushing buttons, etc. ... Show the dog how to play.

  • Speaking For Spot book by Dr Nancy Kay, ACC Sonoma - With warmth, candor, and humor cultivated over 20-plus years of working with dogs and their human companions Dr. Kay provides an insider’s guide to navigating the potentially overwhelming, confusing, and expensive world of veterinary medicine.

Some products that we're thinking about. Lets us know what you think!

  • K-9 Carts... I took a workshop with the owner of K-9 Carts and witnessed the fitting of two handicapped dogs with this cart. It was amazing, the dogs were thrilled with a little bit of freedom. We're thinking about starting a custom fitting shop and/or rental program.
    Benefits include:

    • Excellent rehabilitative aid for encouraging your pet to return to walking on its own.
    • Keeps your pet happier and healthier as it is able to exercise and join in family activities.
    • Our wheelchair designs encourage leg movement and, in many cases, a return to full rear limb function.
    • Your pet is able to urinate and defecate while in the cart.
    • Nursing care is easier for the pet owner.
    • Stable pelvic support system keeps spine and limbs in alignment and promotes healing.
    • Takes stress off the rear legs.
    • Your pet can use the cart with its legs either down, in the walking position, or up in the support slings, non-walking position.
    • Your pet has the ability to use its rear legs while still being totally supported in the rear.
    • Supporting the rear keeps your pet’s front legs stronger.
    • Encourages normal leg movement when legs are fully supported in slings.
    • Lightweight, eases the strain on your pet.
    • Well balanced cart makes motion easier and safer.

  • Help Me Up Harness features both a front and rear harness lift system for owners helping their dogs with mobility issues. I've seen this in use and it seems fabulous and not too complicated to put on.
  • Double Back Harness is another that has an extra piece to hold the dog's hind end - this one is designed for mountaineering.
  • Web Master Harness is a great harness to help with mobility - and I've seen this in use a lot with dogs who have a hard time getting up from laying down or who might need a little extra support getting around.
  • Walkabout Harnesses is another harness that a local SF-Dog person recommended.

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