Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Photo shoot

My web and print designer _really_ wanted me to do a photoshoot in the water, because all of my pictures weren't the best . . . and she really wanted a dog that was half in and half out of the water. She lined up (a) a pool! (b) a photographer with an underwater setup and (c) dogs to swim! She warned me the pool (outdoors) would be cold, so get a wetsuit. . . I ran around town - thank goodness I live in a surfing town - to find a
wetsuit in my size - no such luck but managed to get one special ordered just in time. (arrived Friday for a Saturday shoot.) I told the guys what I was doing - and they recommended a shorty - cause the regular wetsuits they sell are for 50 degree water (i.e. the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco.) [remember this number. . . a long wetsuit would have been good for 50 degrees. . . are you thinking what I'm thinking?]

So, Vaastu, Stella and I arrive at Mel's friend's house - its a lovely day, the sun in shining, we're all ready. . . . Her friend lets us in and shows us around -- and says 'hang on, let me go check the
pool temperature. I have one of those old 70's solar panel heating systems - so its _drained_ for the season. Hope Mel warned you it would be cold!' She returned and cheerfully said, "the pool is 48 degrees." EEK! I got the short wetsuit 'cause the other one would have been too warm! What?

Oh well!

It all worked out, we took short stints in the water -- the only sunny spot in the pool was in the deep end, so I ended up treading water or swimming away from Vaastu (sheltie) like an otter on my back to make him follow me but to try to get myself out of the shot! Only Einstein the Lab liked swimming in the pool. The two times I tried to get Stella to swim (she likes swimming now - even took herself down the river at my friend V's house) she splashed furiously and got out. I think it was too cold for her! I didn't freeze too badly, my arms and legs turned a very bright red - but I got out and warmed up in the sun quite often.

In the end, we got some awesome pictures!