Monday, November 16, 2009

Drip ... Small rivers & disappointed dogs

Our Pool broke in the beginning of November ... My first experience of true panic with the new business!

We made the mistake of installing the pool ourselves, and didn't think about the fact that once the pipe (flexible pvc) filled with water, it would be... heavier. :) Oops. So, after a few months of not being supported the elbow bracket holding the pipe to the pump just broke. We couldn't find that size of bracket at the local hardware store, so Susan & Ellen & Derek figured out to put a tennis ball into the pump to slow the leak down a bit. Eek.

So...we had to cancel all our swims and we finally got a repair person to help us out. He had some interesting times trying to get the plumbing repaired. Even the night of our big "Caring for your Aging Dog" seminar -- had to clean up a bit more leaking! Well, a couple of days and two more leaks and temporary plumbing falling apart and a bit of freaking out.... Finally it was fixed.

And, the great part is that this repair guy is going to set up a new filter for us, too! So, we'll be closed for Tues-Fri 12/22-12/25 to install a new system adding another 420 sf of filtration. Yay!